NYSING  Timeline for September 11, 2001

The following information was compiled from media and other sources, including a message posted to the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) mailing list.  The timeline was modified to include significant events and interlaced with alerts and emails transmitted by NYSING   members throughout the day.

Some of the information relayed from news reports was later found to be incorrect, but the point here is that the information was disseminated very quickly by volunteers using Rapid Media™ technology.

NOTE:  Edits were done to correct spelling errors and reduce blank space.   Comments are based on knowledge obtained during the past week.

07:55 American Airlines Flight 11 leaves Boston bound for Los Angeles.
08:00 United Airlines Flight 93 departs Newark bound for San Francisco.
08:10 American Airlines Flight 77 departs Washington bound for Los Angeles.
08:15 United Airlines Flight 175 departs Boston bound for Los Angeles.
08:46 American Airlines Flight 11 strikes the north tower of the World Trade Center.
08:55 President Bush is informed of the attacks.
08:56 manhattan, New_York, NY: world trade center
PLANE CRASH: plane crash into world trade center bldg
09:00 New York, New_York, NY: World Trade Center
PLANE CRASH: Reports state thet a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center TV is showing a large hole with fire and smoke top third of one of the towers
09:03 United Airlines Flight 175 strikes the south tower of the World Trade Center.
09:08 *U/D*World Trade Center, New_York, NY:
W/F: Another explosion a plane flew into the south tower now a plane was seen on video tape north and south tower now on fire.
09:09 *U/D*manhattan, New_York, NY:
: a second plane has struck the second tower
09:13 New York City/Manhattan, choose from list: World Trade Center
W/F: Explosion 2 planes into world trade center towers. possible terrorist act
09:15 2 Planes crashed into World Trade Center - Coverage on all Major news networks
09:21 2 aircraft have hit World Trade Center - FBI thinks terrorism possible
09:24 Just tuned to a telecast of the world trade center burning... Not sure what going on

Ryan 310
09:25 FAA shuts down all New York City area airports.
09:30 2 PLANES ( unknown Type ) have CRASHED into the Buildings

09:32 *U/D*New York, New_York, NY: Manhattan
Nyfd Nypd:0000
BOMB: Yahoo police scanner link still up NYPD shutting down traffic in Manhattan. All city offices in manhattan are closing an evacuation is in progress. Police are going to a rally point
09:32 North Country, Franklin, NY:
State Police
HELO: State Police Copter 1H9 scrambled to NYC!!!!!!
09:34 Reports from CNN is that an airplane has hit the World Trade Center buildings.  Pictures show that both the buildings are on fire with flames and heavy smoke coming from the top floors of the Center.

09:35 All bridges and tunnels in the Manhattan area closed.
09:40 FAA halts all flight operations at U.S. airports.
09:49 Listening in ONLINE Scanner NYFD, all Fire Fighters are to report to work, no excuses.  One plane was scheduled arrival from Boston.

09:50 *U/D*
White House and Pentagon being evacuated, possible additional jet crash in DC (Prez is in Florida now).  Explosion reported by FOX in Pentagon. U.S. might be at war.
09:52 Full Terrorism alert in NYC.... Massive FD move up from NJ. (JERSEY CITY, Bayonne etc.)  This is a very sad day for America!!!!
09:53 There has been word that an additional aircraft is enroute to the trade center.  I NEED A FREQUENCY for the NY Center in Westbury, Long Island for air traffic..........if anyone has it PLEASE FWD ASAP
09:55 American Airlines Flight 77 hits Pentagon.
09:59 Pentagon in DC is now burning, news report that plane crashed into the Pentagon.  White House is being evacuated at this time.  All tunnels and bridges closed into NYC......

10:00 Pentagon just got hit!!!

Ryan 310
10:01 First plane was hijacked from Boston and now they are saying there is a fire at the Washington Mall!!!  God Bless us!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:01 NYSING-23 sent this TV screen capture to the NYSING-Chat list:

WTC Fire screenshot

10:02 Does Anyone have any national frequiences for these events?

Now a plane hit the Pentagon.???

THis is an EXTREMELY sad day in our history.!!!

10:03 *U/D*
WTC tower has collapsed, all U.S. airports are closed, NYC sealed off.
10:05 The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses.
10:05 White House evacuated.
10:08 All aircraft are grounded in the United States, the nation's airports are now closed, I am hearing a lot of aircraft up here in the north country.... They are Military!!!!!
10:11 All planes in the air have been grounded.  No planes are allowed above US skies.

All fire training has been cancelled in WNY and people are to be on alert across the county.


10:15 A portion of the Pentagon collapses.
10:15 City of Newburgh PD has closed off all streets in a 4 block area around Newburgh High School.(NFA) Radio traffic is stating that the school is being evacuated.
10:21 Albany, Albany, NY: State Capital
: New York State Capital buildings are being secured
BB37 multiple subfleets
10:24 All inbound transatlantic aircraft diverted to Canada.
10:25 United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Somerset County, 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
10:27 The World Trade Center's north tower collapses.
10:32 *U/D*, New_York, NY:
COLLAPSE: 2nd WTC collapse. Both towers now down. NYFD in chaos...unable to find any command personnel
10:32 *U/D*
2nd tower of wtc collapsed
10:36 *U/D*
World Trade Center has been completely destroyed
10:43 *U/D*
Large planes reported crashing in western Pennsylvania
10:43 Both towers are gone.  WORLD TRADE CENTER IS TOTALLY GONE!
10:44 Jersey PD is evacuating area,  North Tower is confirmed leaning and they are in the collapse zone, second tower has collapsed at this time.

10:44 the other tower just went

10:49 A car bomb has exploded near the State dept bldg. Pentagon has been struck and damaged extensivly and suffered a collapse. From a direct hit by a Large commercial aircraft

Conflicting reports were being carried by the media.   There was no car bomb, but an airliner did crash into the Pentagon.

10:50 Unconfirmed report of a car bomb at State Department 

This turned out to be false - see above..

10:53 Highland/Poughkeepsie, Ulster, NY: Mid-Hudson Bridge
New York State Police
BOMB: Mid Hudson Bride shut completely. Reported bomb on this structure. New York State Bomb Squad in route. Rhinebeck Bridge also close, unknown why. At tis point, Newburgh/Beacon Bridge is still open for traffic. Orange/Ulster REACT on full standby w/ Ulster County Emer Comm
All NYSP Freqencies
10:53 Email is starting to bounce like crazy.  I hope most of you are still getting alerts and mail.

My thoughts are especially with our members in NYC itself. I hope you're all safe, if a bit too preoccupied to participate in NYSING right now.  Believe me, I understand that your priorities are very different when you're
in the middle of the situation!

I have been unable to connect with any of the live audio servers (not surprisingly).

Excellent job on the alerts and the Chat messages, everyone.  This is why NYSING was created!

10:55 Financial Markets closed in New York.
10:59 The Red Cross is moving up toward New York and DC.  The North East New York (Albany) ERV 1118 has been sent to the staging area in White Plains.  National level volunteers are being polled for availability, and some
critical functions have been activated.

I will probably be in the Albany Chapter House assisting with recruitment and Family Welfare Inquiry messages. Tony-221 is our Communications Chair and will probably be called soon as well.


I ended up spending every day at the Chapter, except when I had to be at work.  I started off operating the radio equipment and establishing links to government and other Red Cross offices.  By the end of the week, I had been assigned to coordinate all internal and external communications related to the WTC operation for the North East New York Chapter.  Tony-221 was assigned to the SEMO bunker by his employer (NYS OGS).

11:02 Manhattan evacuated south of Canal Street.
11:04 CNN reporting that there is a possible 2nd aircraft that has been hijacked and they are monitoring it.


good monitoring of the Jersey side.

CNN reports that the second aircraft headed for pentagon fighter jets scrambled 

This report still has not been confirmed over a week later.


11:06 Fox News.
A United aircraft has crashed into Camp David, the vacation home of the President of the USA.  This makes a total of 6 crashes or bombings.

Ultimately, there were four aircraft hijacked and crashed and no additional bombings.

11:12 CNN/Fox
Democratic Front for Liberation has claimed responsibilty for ALL bombing and crashes.  
This turned out not to be a credible claim.  JUST IN a large commercial aircraft has gone down near pittsburg in somerset Cnty PA,  More to follow
11:15 U.N. headquarters in New York is fully evacuated.
11:18 CNN/Fox
Democratic Front for Liberation as claimed responsibilty for ALL bombing and crashes.   JUST IN a large  commercial aircraft has gone down near pittsburg in somerset Cnty PA,  More to follow
11:29 ABC News has reported that the initial report of a car bomb at the State Department was false.

11:34 Colonie, Albany, NY: 33 Everett Rd / Red Cross NENY
: Radio operators being mobilized to chapter house
11:35 *U/D*
All Canadian airports are now closed (source - ABC)
12:02 Hello everyone

First, I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are out for everyone in NYC and for family members.  This is just an unbelievable thing to believe, and I am so sorry that it had to happen to anyone.

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but it has been confirmed so far that 3 planes total have gone down.  Delta Flight 93 (a 757) did go down in Pittsburgh.  It was in bound for San Francisco. 
Wrong airline identified by the news media - it was a United flight.

Here in the Syracuse area, the Hancock Airport Air National Guard Security frequency of 149.175 is very, very active this afternoon.  CNY 911 centers are on lockdown, and are asking for emergency calls only.  I'm sure there are several things like this U.S. wide.  CNY schools have cancelled a lot of after school activities for many districts. I haven't heard of any schools being dismissed around here, but it is probably very possible elsewhere, especially downstate.

All airport frequencies (not AM band) here are very active, including some federal frequencies.

But the important thing to everyone is that this is national.  Everywhere you can probably hear frequencies related to security issues due to the incidents.

12:20 Here in WNY too many to list FDs requested all personnel to report to the hall.

Federal and county building closed.  Numerous calls to check on U-Haul vans located near schools (college just started and kids moving in).  All incoming traffic to US is blocked.  This turned out to be false - see below.  Roads near Niagara Falls power plant and the Falls have been closed and evacuated.  All schools have cancelled after school programs, students remain in schools, certain schools are letting parents pick up kids.  Too many to mention EMS calls mainly for heart attacks, causing fire comapnies to be all on standby.  Rural/Metro is sending units east.  State Police are transferring to Albany.

We all see what is going on in the city.  But what is your area doing?

12:33 All of Disney has been evacuated.  Numerous skyscrapers evac.  Security has been on high alert across the country.  Tourist attractions closed in PA,  Air bases are upping thier alert status.  All USA airports closed, Canada flights grounded.  The Army section of the Pentagon was the part that hit.  Red Cross is requesting blood donations nationwide.  Israel evac diplomats world wide.  US Financial markets closed and in numerous other countries. Fighter jets are enforcing a strict no fly zone over DC and NY.  US-Mexico border is closed.   LA Airports had been evac.

Man this is bad.  At least we have this to talk and vent on.  Hopefully the Internet will stay somewhat intact.  Well, this is good for Pres. Bush's defense plan.

Traffic from Canada to US it NOT blocked, flow is in both ways.

Anyone think the plane that crashed in PA was hijacked but the pilot downed it to avoid more damage?

12:35 The Toronto TD Tower, the CN Tower, and the Toronto Stock exchange are now closed and being evacuated.  The Montreal head office Laurentian Bank is now closed.  All subways street cars and buses are on rush hour service in Toronto.


12:39 The live broadcast from the new jersey rail scan is pretty decent on live365.com.

Lots of security measures are taking place here in Ottawa.  RCMP Activity will be busy today here.  Parliament buildings have been apparently evacuated here.

Airport security will definitely be up here.  Apparently some aircraft going to the States will be directed to Canadian airports.


alerts are coming in here.  Keep'em coming.
12:51 Lower manhatton evac.  Red Cross air team has been activated

All Erie County & state fire training has been cancelled.

FEMA SIOC liaison has been activated and is coordinating all efforst on behalf of Bush.

Nation Guard is responding.

Most major landmarks in US are closed.

22 flights are diverted to Canada, 55 flights are over U.S. now and are grounded immediately, 2 flights to U.S. from Europe have been unable to make contact.  Air Force is in flight to check their status.

12:58 In Buffalo the HSBC Tower is closed.  Key Tower is also closed.


AA#77, AA#11, United#175, United#93 are the crashed planes.

22 flights are now allowed to land in Canada.

13:35 Local colleges are letting out early or already closed.

NYS Primary elections have been cancelled for the time.

NO one is allowed beyond the security gates at Buffalo Airport and 2nd floor of parking is closed off.  Virtually empty.  A few flights from JFK were diverted to BUF.

Buffalo Mayor closed all non emergency city buildings.

Niagara Falls Air base is on high alert.  National Guard is reporting.   Closed off to non military.

2 warships are reporting to NYC to help with cleanup

Estimated 15,000 People dead in NYC alone.  A week later, the current estimate is just over 6,000.

NASA, in the space station are able to see the smoke from both DC and NYC.

Military is now at an alert as if we were at war.

All skyscrapers are being evac in NYC.

Subways are closed and people are just flocking to the streets and walking.

Noramlly I would be working now.  But working for myself, people dont want me showing up at their house today.

13:45 Pentagon announces that warships and aircraft carriers will take up positions in the New York and Washington areas.
13:47 As per CBC Radio in Ottawa here, all airports in Canada now shut down for the day.

13:52 Here's something interesting.  My mother has talked to my uncle "Army ret" and he said this-

" the scenario was in a Tom Clancy (spy type story) several years ago"

Interesting........NYSING 96

The novel was called "The Sum of All Fears" and involved a Japan Air Lines 747 being crashed into the Capitol buliding during a joint session of Congress in order to destroy the government and ignite a shooting war between the U.S. and Japan.  In the sequel "Executive Orders" Clancy's recurring hero Jack Ryan becomes President.

13:57 Erie County Emergency service comm. center is reporting Buffalo Veterans Hospital is CLOSED.

NYC victims are being transported as far away as Canada.

Greyhound had been cancelled.  Amtrak has been cancelled in the NE.

Schools have not been cancelled only colleges and all after school activities.

15:11 NYC Highway/sanitation is equipping its plow trucks to plow roads of dust & debris for emergency crews to get through.

The FAA reports that all plans are grounded until noon tomorrow - about 36,000 flights.

All flights have now landed.

Fighter jets are patrolling NYC & DC

Gas has been turned off to all NYC  Probably not true.

Fire at the Pentagon is U/C

Back here:

The EOC has been opened.

West Vally Demonstration Nuclear project is closed.

Malls are closed.

Buffalo & Erie County, states that all business and goverment will be upen tomorrow, although elections are posponed.

There is a blood drive at the main place mall today and tommarow.  Blood is desperately needed!


Good site!!

On some othe notes.

Gas prices are going WAY up!  So hurry up and fill up.  Didn't happen.

Donate your blood!

Thoes building in NYC are all old and asbestos is going to be a big problem down the road for those lucky enough to make it out.

The Oklahoma City bombing was nothing compared to this.

15:35 Report from nyfd fire official 200+ nyfd ff's in first tower at time of collapse.  Firehouse.com confirms 200+ ff's missing


Many members referred to the NYC fire department incorrectly during the incident.  It is FDNY.

15:43 Per the live NYPD feed I am listening to, BOMB threat 1435 Broadway.  Unknown additional details.


15:48 NYC:

Building colapse at 90 Trinity Place at a day care center.

L-train is back to full service.

NYS mutual aid plan has been activated!  All Erie County fire companies are to stand-by in case of deployment. 46.28  No units are to be deployed at this time or contact the office.

15:53 I've been monitoring NYFD Manhattan (154.250) off the air here since about 10am.  When the first one went down, a FF was screaming a mayday on the air, he was trapped in a FD truck under part of the building.  There were many more reports of trapped crews since then.  For a while after the collapse, dispatch was out of contact with the Field Communication Unit which was at the scene and could not get ahold of any commanding officers.  Things on the air have calmed down a bit since then since a new command post was established.  NYPD seemed fairly chaotic though...the bomb dogs were busy with lots of reports of possible bombs.

I had heard on the news that a bomb went off in front of the Embassy Suites hotel in Manhattan, but haven't heard any more of that since.  Believed to be a false report.

3 FEMA trailers of heavy rescue equipment were brought to the command post.  NYFD marine boats were going to be providing water pumping due to a loss of water pressure in lower Manhattan.

Hmm, I just missed part of it, but the decontamination unit was just giving orders about decontamination of turnout gear.  Last I heard they were still testing the dust clouds for hazmats.  Asbestos levels along the riverfront in NY and NJ were reported to be as high as 400% of normal for several hours following the collapses.

Many pictures of destroyed (most crushed) NYFD and NYPD vehicles on the local news.

Here in Rockland (35-ish miles NW of Manhattan), local PD is having traffic problems with people parking on the higher elevation roads along the Hudson and Hi Tor Mountain because you (used) to be able to see the WTCs from those places.   Some of my local PDs and FDs are sending people to Westchester, I presume to stage.   They don't seem to have much "direction" in where they are going though.

I've also noticed a slowdown in some internet traffic, probably due to new routes evolving to avoid Manhattan.  I believe most of lower Manhattan is without power.

NYC OEM's EOC is in 7 WTC (23rd floor)...that building is on fire and they are unable to put it out.  Mayor and Govenor are at an undisclosed location in Manhattan.   4 WTC also collapsed, or was on the verge of it.  There were reports that 1 Liberty Place was about to collapse or in the process of collapsing on Wednesday, but those reports also turned out to be false.


(With a full tank of gas and charged radios)

16:02 Just broadcast, BeOnTheLookOut

FBI NJ - 2000 chevy van, urban moving systems, poss. involved with plane crashes, occupants were seen celebrating the plane crashes!

Joe (455)

16:31 ConEd will be cutting off power to the area around the WTC.

Les Wilson - Spencerport, NY

16:49 Oneida County just notified all EMS personnel to call OEMS for availability for a poss. call up to NYC over the next couple of days.  It was also stated that if the need arises for fire personnel they will announce this at a later time.

Joe 455

17:20 The 47-story Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex collapses.
17:30 *U/D*WTC, New_York, NY: 7 WTC
COLLAPSE: FieldComm and TV video reporting major collapse of #7 WTC. This is where the fairly new NYC OEM office was (was not in use for this incident). Building is at least 23sty.
17:40 I'm watching local coverage here in the metro NYC area.   WCBS ch2 had a reporter manage to walk into "ground zero" and it appears that they are just letting the fires burn.  What I believe was 7 WTC was burning with no NYFD in sight.  Word is that they are not attempting any major rescue because of the large scale fire in the immediate area, believe several buildings are on fire in the area.  Cars on the street are just burned out completely, and many are crushed. Broken windows on all the buildings with huge piles of debris on the ground.

As it turned out, no rescue or firefighting was possible because just about all of the FDNY and EMS personnel on scene were killed when the towers collapsed.   Later reports indicated that FDNY had lost about 10 alarms worth of apparatus and manpower.

Based on what I hear on NYFD's VHF channels, I think a lot of traffic has moved to the 800mhz trunked systems in the city (DOITT probably, and maybe NYFD/EMS admin system).   Unfortunately I can not receive them up here.  If you are in the NYC immediate area, try www.n2nov.net for those system details if you need it.

1500 "walking" wounded were sent across the river to Jersey for treatment.   600 more with more serious injuries being treated in the city. I think I heard 150 critical injuries.  I can only imagine those numbers will skyrocket
with time.  One thing on the "optimistic" side is that there have been a lot of people interviewed on TV today who were in or around the WTC plaza when this first started happening.  We can only hope that many of the people in
there did the same and got out of the area.

WCBS reporting 100 injured at the Pentagon with firehouse.com reporting 10 alarm there.   Firehouse also reporting that a cell caller called 911 from the bathroom of the plane that crashed in PA reporting the plane was being

It's very errie to not hear any planes flying overhead today.

TV reporting that some inbound bridges and tunnels are open to emergency workers (firefighters, police officers, EMT/Paramedics etc) only who wish to come into the city to help.

NYFD reporting additional collapse just now...FieldComm has not determined which one yet. INFO: WCBS just showed 7 WTC collapsed live on TV. Came right down on itself.

Anyone know if there are legal issues involved in posting recordings of FD radio traffic?   (Recorded, not live streams). 
Up until this incident, people had been posting live and delayed radio traffic on the Web with no problems or objections (except for the goof in NYC who posted MDT traffic a few months ago).  Now that the U.S. is on a wartime footing and security is a front-page issue, this situation might change.  There has been no official reaction to the openness of public safety communications yet.  We'll have to see what, if anything, Mr. Ridge has to say on the subject.


17:46 #7 WTC just went down
17:55 NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control asking all FD & EMS to make list of people possibly to go to NYC
18:12 >All Erie County & state fire training has been cancled.

I think it is safe to say that most fire & EMS trainings for tonight will have been cancelled.  Oneida County has already done this.  Cattaraugus County has asked FDs to man their stations.

18:19 If you are not watching CNN, there are missile attacks going on in the capital of Afghanistan.

No idea if the timing has any relation to incidents in the US

Alan Larsson KC2GOC / NYSING-305
18:23 Footage being shown on CNN of Afghanistan being bombed ATT.   No word on who is behind.  Bombing taking place in the city of Kabul

CNN seems to be the only one covering this ATT.


18:26 From my Location here in Rochester, from what I'm hearing most all Fire and EMS and Police Depts in all of New York State are all holding special meetings, with all members being mandated to attend.

I'm also hearing some Canadian communities across Lake Ontario gathering personnel together for possible deployment to NYC as well.  Many thanks to our neighbors to the North in Canada for their support during this horrible tragedy.  May God be with us all and all our families on this horrible day.

Jeff Ambroz

18:46 Town of Colonie has sent a medic fly crew to Weschester Medical Center to assist there.

Rensselaer County is creating a resource list as a precaution.

Potential scenarios include EMS personnel to assist in moving injured to the Capital District by train. 
Didn't happen.

Others include various types of manpower support for a 48 hour rotation in the City.

These are strictly hypotheticals at this point, but I know REMO
(REMAC?) and the various agencys are standing by for any requests.

Anyone in the immediate CT border, Taconic Parkway, Thruway, or rail corridors are candidates because of transportation options.

I fear we will be at war, official or not, when I wake up in the morning.

19:19 God help us all....it is a horror show in NYC, and all of us in law enforcement are on a very high state of alert. My prayers go out to each and every law enforcement officer, firefighter, and EMT who is down in NYC at this time.

My prayers to the families and to the victims of the horrible tragedy.

Thank you to all of you who sent alerts.  You were very helpful is assisting me at my job in keeping informed as to what was going on.  God bless all of you!

Kieran J. O'Hagan
Senior Court Officer/AEMT-II

20:16 What a day, up in the North (FRANKLIN COUNTY) all depts asked for Manpower, 1 engine and and 1 EMS unit..... WE were told pack for 3 days, you are going to NYC.... and we waited and waited till about 6:30 and were told to stand down but remain on standby till further notice.

Reports have 200 fireman presumed dead and 78 police officers missing.


20:29 200 firefighters and 78 police officers assumed dead.

Bush is speaking at 8:30 not 9 anymore.  I'm sure he will have a bunch to say.

The  flight that crashed in PA requested a flight change to DC.  No survivors, and remains are almost impossible to find.  Someone called 911 from the plane 2min before it went down.

Again if you can give blood please do type O negative is desperately needed.

20:34 Not only were thousands of people killed within the building, but of course there were the 266 people on the planes, and hundreds more who are now in ICU and CCU units of area hospitals.  The blast knocked out phone
lines for what is estimated to be one third of the entire state.

Federal, State and County buildings all over the nation were evacuated or released early today.  Hospitals statewide including Oneida County's own St. Lukes, Faxton and St. E's are on full alert.  This may very well be the begining of World War 3.  Those of us who were watching closely today know that we have witnessed history.  One man who was on (I think) the 30th floor told NBC and ABC news reporters that the croud moving down the stairs was too large to explain.  He went on to say how sorry he felt for the persons trapped in wheel chairs up on higher floors.   People were seen jumping out of windows as far up as the 50th floor.  I would like to write a simple prayer and ask that those who believe say it and I apologize to those who don't.
Dear God,
We never know why we allow these violent acts to occur, but we know that you will have the people involved with you.  We ask that you be with the families of those who lost their loved ones in any one of these terrible acts of violence.  We ask you, o' Lord, that you would guide us to find the truth about the people who did this and we ask that we allow you to judge them.  We remember that famous verse, "Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord".  May you bless this country and all it stands for.  In Jesus Christ we pray, AMEN.

I don't have much information on the county building, but this is what I have:
Ralph Eannace left the building early this morning as soon as he found out about the crashes.  He then sent a call to ALL departments in both the Utica and Rome offices to evacuate NOW.  Apparently all personnel were told to leave without making any phone calls or any stops of any kind.  So the buildings were evacuated at 2PM this afternoon.
There are some unconfirmed reports that many area schools including the Madison-Oneida BOCES center will remain closed for one day as a precautionary measure.  Although I do not think that it is necessary, they may, so be prepared.  Again, this is an unconfirmed rumor that states that BOCES is "discussing" the possibility of not opening.

That's all.

-Andy Harmon

20:51 NYC on the lookout for a Black 99 international truck lettering "allvoro" contaning 2 Afghan males.

Companies are starting to relieve some firefighters altho thay don't seem to want ot leave.  Will start 12hrs shifts.

Erie County now stands down from the full alert at the Buffalo airport.

21:07 *U/D*Manhattan, New_York, NY:
COLLAPSE: 2 police sergeants & 1 civilian trapped opposite hotel
22:30 *U/D*New York, New_York, NY: George Washington Bridge
22:45 cbs news reports 2 people arrested for having explosives under the george washington bridge....jason 116

This was partially true - no explosives were found.

23:35 The Mayor finished a press conference a little while ago.   He is refusing to talk about numbers, but he does report the following:

The ME was injured today, but is doing fine.  He is ramping his staff to handle, if needed, thousands of bodies.

He refuses to discuss the numbers game, but did confirm that both the Fire Chief, as well as 1st Deputy Chief of FDNY were killed.

The Police Commisioner reported that he and the Mayor, as well as other high-ranking officials, such as the Chief, were meeting near the buildings.  They left for approx minutes, and in that time, the building fell and a number of staff were killed.

The Mayor and his staff were visibly shaken.

23:49 The NBC affiliate WKTV-2 Utica just announced that they received word that the Deputy Fire Commissioner & Fire Chief were killed when the tower collapsed.  They just announced it on the 11pm news.


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